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The name ‘Everflyht’ is inspired by the six Martlets of the Sussex crest symbolising knowledge, adventure, and learning. Said to never land, these birds are ‘ever in flight’. These six Martlets make up the Everflyht feather, a symbol of our adventures and innovation in wine and to never settle.

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Everflyht Characteristics


Altitude: 65m – 74m above sea level
Average seasonal rainfall: 1248mm
Average growing degrees days: 892
Soil: Clay Loam with bands of Colluvium running through blocks


Block Composition at the Vineyard
House: Chardonnay 58% / Pinot Noir 26% / Meunier 16%
Oaks: Pinot Noir 58% / Chardonnay 4% / Gamay 20% / Pinot Gris 18%
Pond: Meunier 56% / Pinot Precoce 18% / Chardonnay 26%


Since establishment in 2016 we have begun a pioneering journey towards regenerative viticulture across the Vineyard through:

Soil management to generate an increase in organic matter within the soil structure to generate higher levels of organic matter to help restore biodiversity and sequester more carbon.

Planting an extensive range of cover crops between the vines to promote insect and pollinator populations during as many seasons as possible.

Encouraging grass to grow under established trees and experimenting with the creation of stumperies.

We have set aside 3.5ha of land for biodiversity which has been planted with over 400 trees as well as integrating wildflower meadows and 800m of hedgerow around the estate.

The Owners

We are the Ellis family, Ben and Sam and our three daughters George, Ollie and Eva. We started this journey into the world of English Sparkling Wine over 10 years ago after a visit to the Napa Valley and a passion for all wines that bubble and thought why not! And what an exciting decade it’s been.

We founded Everflyht, planted many, many vines, nurtured them and built our own house, here at Everflyht, in Sussex. We have made many new and wonderful like minded friends and colleagues who have helped us along the way.

Our ethos has always been to only produce English Sparkling Wine we want to drink ourselves and to share with friends. Hopefully you will taste that when you take your first sip of Everflyht and know you are very much part of this adventure with us.

Ellis Family

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